Artificial Intelligence and protein structures

” This will change medicine.
It will change research.
 It will change bioengineering…
It will change everything.”

Nineteen studies were retrieved.

 From these, fourteen in silico molecular docking studies demonstrated potential inhibitory properties of artemisinins against coronavirus-host proteins

New tools and technologies

Structural biologists say that their field is in the midst of a revolution: cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM)

The Ai Revolution in medicine

In silico and Ethno Pharmacology

Predicitve Molecular

Modeling of drug Targets

AI and drug discovery , repurposing.

Cathepsin L in COVID-19: From Pharmacological Evidences to Genetics

with omicron both, cathepsin l and TMPRS2 are avaialbe as pathways of entry

difference to viral indicator decline

Real world clinical trials support 

the AI driven in silico studies

Pathways identified

remarkble synergistic convergence