Current Research

Artemisinin is a compound extracted from Qing Hao and has been identified to show antiviral activity against SARS-CoV in Vero cell-based CPE/MTS screening. Currently there are human trials under way. 


Some of our most important medicines come from plants

The first anti malarial drug was quinine extracted from Cinchona tree bark from South America. Cinchona Bark had been used to treat malaria in Spain as early as 1636. It was brought there by Jesuit missionaries from the New World. By 1820, Quinine and the modern pharmeceutical industry its discovery had helped to create, was used by travellers to places where malaria was prevelent.
An effective treatment and even prevention of Covid-19 may already exist in the form of Artemisinin. This plant extract is naturally occurring, and offers side-effect free, therapy. Artemisinin is effective against a range of viruses and shows considerable activity against SARS-coronavirus.


looking forward

There is need to cultivate and grow enough quantity from North American sources. Currently a pilot project is underway in Kansas 

The plant could be grown and processed in the Canadian Prairies. Demand is mostly supplied outside of North America, making shortages a real possibility 

Well designed passive heat storage greenhouses could extend the season and greatly increase spring quanties

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